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Games at Spacewalkers Studio are created with community backing through the crowdfunding platform


In both investment and game development, we use solutions that are beneficial to final outcomes. That's why our eye fell on the crowdinvesting model when choosing the funding method for the project. By supporting Spacewalkers you receive rewards from the income generated by game sales. In addition to financial rewards, backers can count on additional perks in our investor packages, including access to beta tests, Steam keys, personalization of some game aspects and more!

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The investment procedure is designed to be user-friendly for both big investors and new players in the financial market.

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Financial goal:

10 000 000$

We are determined to create the entire Interregnum Chronicles games series. It will be a reflection of the events from the inter-apocalyptic world presented in the book Interregnum by Przemysław Karda.

Play our first game

Interregnum Chronicles: Signal

We've established a strategy where for every million dollars raised, we launch the production of a new game. So far, we have already raised over 2 million from venture capital and financial institutions. These funds made it possible to boost the development process of the first two games. You can already try Interregnum Chronicles: Signal available on Steam!