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We are very excited to announce the start of the development of the next Interregnum Chronicles game

Month after the release of Interregnum Chronicles: Signal, our first game and a prologue to the Interregnum series, we already started to work on the next title. It is going to be a much bigger and complex project with a planned release date in the early 2023. Interregnum Chronicles: Tactics is still in a very early development stage. At this point we know one thing for sure - we want to create a game that provides not only great visuals and a story-driven experience but also engaging gameplay mechanics.

Lessons learned after the first release

We collected feedback from the Steam Community, have read all the reviews, listened to streamers and content creators who played Signal on Twitch and made YouTube videos about it. You can read more about our thoughts on the blog, here. Long story short, the first game was developed for us and for the team building purpose. The following one - Interregnum Chronicles: Tactics is being designed to deliver exciting and extensive gameplay mechanics, so players will be able to customize their group of survivors and choose the most suitable playstyle for themselves.

About the game

Interregnum Chronicles: Tactics is going to be a tactical, turn-based strategy game about survival in a post-apocalyptic (or as we like to call it inter-apocalyptic) world in which extraterrestrial civilizations wage war over ruins of Earth while ordinary people fight for survival. Humanity was decimated by a mysterious mind virus and the world was thrusted into a new ice age while the magnetic poles abruptly shifted. We want the game to offer a refreshing perspective of a group of ordinary people caught in events that transcend their understanding - their small tragedies quietly play out in the shadows of events that will decide the fate of the world. The game will mostly be about shooting the bad guys in a hostile, ice-covered environment.

Stay tuned and share your thoughts with us!

We will post updates about the stages of the development on our social media. The best way to contact us is via social media linked below. You can also join the discussion on our Discord server.




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