• Tomasz Wacławek

A Small Change in Direction

Updated: May 20

Start small, build fast

It’s a little known fact that when the ancient Egyptians set out to build the great pyramids they first had to overcome the challenge of creating a team capable of such a feat. So, instead of starting the project right away with no preparation and forethought, they actually built a much smaller pyramid as part of a team building effort and to prove their team’s capabilities… Well maybe that’s not entirely true, but this is basically what we’re doing right now.

On a more serious note, what we are actually doing is putting the production of our game on hold for couple of months to… make a different, much smaller game to focus on building up our team and to go through the whole process of releasing a game before we actually return to the much larger project we started with.

The logic behind this decision is simple: producing a game to its completion and releasing it is a huge achievement that can be described as “leveling up” - it even seems appropriate to use this term, given that we are making games here after all. The thing is that this phenomenon is also very much true whether the production is a long, huge project or a smaller, more contained game.

Obviously, there are limitations to what can be achieved and learned while making a smaller game, but for a freshly assembled team like ours it is going to be a great learning experience in terms of figuring out the process and creating a workflow that will suit the team. As a new team we face the challenge of combining the skills and experience individual members possess into a coherent structure that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our answer to this challenge is to speed up the process by just making something much smaller in scope to what we intended initially. We believe that the time spent on this smaller game will significantly speed up the production of the next game while improving its quality.

But there is more!

While building the team is the main reason we are doing this, there are more potential benefits to this approach. As a new studio we also face the challenge of perception, both from the players and potential employees or partners. There is no better way to legitimize yourself as a team of game developers, but to simply make a game and release it.

The process of going through a complete production also helps with identifying holes in the team and while we already managed to assemble a very talented group of developers, having a game as a “business card” of sorts for our studio will bring even more talent to fill those holes.

Introduction into the story and world

Of course the game itself (tentatively called Prologue right now - more on that in the next blog post) is going to be part of a greater series: the Interregnum Chronicles. This game in fact is going to be a kind of introduction into the universe both in terms of world events (because it takes place right before the titular Interregnum) and general themes and tone we want to establish in the series and explore into further games. We also hope that this initial entry into the series will serve as a beginning to a community of players and enthusiasts built around the greater Interregnum universe.

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